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There   For   You   Consulting

Why is Dr. Bird qualified for this work?

This consulting work developed out of years of listening to LGBTQ+ people share about their struggles with family, in particular during those intense family gatherings:  weddings,  funerals,  birthdays,  reunions.  It is supported by my personal experience with these issues,  my pastoral training,  and my years of working as an ally,  as a biblical scholar,  addressing people's misunderstanding

about "what the Bible says" about sexuality and intimate relationships. 

What will she do for you?

What is it that would help you relax and be yourself, even just a little bit more?

  • Knowing you are not there alone?

  • Having an outsider there to help take the edge off of feeling like a spectacle?

  • Someone there to provide objectivity, to witness what happens, to validate your experience?

  • Someone there who gets you and is unapologetic about who you are? 

  • Someone calm but firm to help maintain a physical barrier between you and that one family member or close family friend? Or to "have that conversation with" this person (diffuse or handle it)?

  • Someone who will offer an additional eulogy that speaks to the complexity of your relationship with the deceased? 

  • Someone who will offer a toast unapologetically affirming the delightful you? 

  • Someone you can consult with for offering your own eulogy or toast?

Sometimes it is helpful to have someone who is not a part of the family or community come be present; offering the love and acceptance that you need and deserve;  representing your truth calmly,  kindly,  unapologetically.  I am particularly well suited to offer a kind affirmation when the issue is that another person's faith teaches them to uphold hetero- norms,  and thus has misinformed views about human sexuality, and is sadly quite vocal about it all. 

Why does Dr. Bird care?

I have heard about and watched people, who were disowned by family because of their identity, become ostracized anew at these family gatherings. 

I know how hard it can be to feel comfortable around family who "disapprove of" some part of who you are, and having someone in your corner can make all the difference. 


While in other contexts I am all about educating people who are open to considering new perspectives,  this work is all about supporting and empowering you,  helping you to remain physically and emotionally healthy through challenging life events that often bring more emotional harm or trauma. You can not only survive those difficult situations,  but thrive in them. 

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