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If you haven't seen it already, you might enjoy the series of short videos that I update every week, *Does* the Bible Tell You So? It's on my YouTube channel.

I address topics that many people assume the Bible offers a clear cut answer or advice on: Is sex before marriage a sin? Were women really created to be "helpers" to men? What about abortion, or homosexuality? 


As always, it is food for thought!

This page has several collections of videos. 
Some are professionally created, academically informed videos about biblical content. There are clips, short videos, and course content length videos.

MythVision and Gnostic Informant are two video podcasts I have had the pleasure of being a guest on several times. They are fun conversations about important content that shifted the way I think about the Bible.

The "Fireside Creators" conversations are each hour-long, casual conversations about pressing issues for many people of faith, today.
Re-Thinking How We Read the Bible

Re-Thinking How We Read the Bible

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