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Part 1: "Biblical Marriage"

This section has 4 videos.


Each one covers one of the passages that help define what people mean by "Biblical marriage,"  for those who use that label.

Genesis 1:28 Trailer

Genesis 1:28 Trailer

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Genesis 1:28

 So many people are familiar with that line, "be fruitful and multiply!" But are they aware of its complex context? Do you understand what this passage was likely really "up to"?

This is an honest, and perhaps surprising, engagement with what is happening in the well-worn "be fruitful and multiply" command in Genesis 1:28.

Genesis 2:24

Did "Adam & Eve" get married?

An honest look at what is happening in this verse and Genesis 2 more broadly. 

If you've ever heard someone say that "sex before marriage is a sin," this is one of the passages they likely base that misunderstanding upon. Let's take a look together!