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This page has a selection of my Huffington Post editorials.
For the full list, please consult this page.

Some of my thoughts on this conversation about handling unplanned pregnancies. In the article I list several questions that I think ought to be in the mix for a more complex view of "pro-life."

"I think that the entire conversation needs to be focused on what the Bible is and is not. Because this is not really ever part of the exchange between Creationists and scholars, scientific or otherwise, Creationists will never be convinced by the perspective of evolution."

"Many people have been surprised to see me, a professor of biblical studies, at "Vote Against" forums and rallies. It is precisely because I see the motivation to support this amendment as grounded in how people read the Bible that I felt an urgency to speak out."

"What is at stake in constantly requiring that God's name is invoked throughout this political ceremony inaugurating the leader of all Americans?"

"Please. Can we discuss this element of Brock's case? Will you rise to the occasion, not be frightened by a name, "rape culture," which understandably sounds scary? Will you take seriously what is happening, and choose to talk about it; understand it; change it?"

My attempt at a respectful acknowledgement of Kim Davis's beliefs, which impacted her choice not to give same-sex/gender couples marriage licenses, part of her job as Municipal Clerk in Rowan County, KY; and an invitation to reconsider how she reads the Bible. 

"Consider how every time we talk about sex and sexuality in dualistic terms -- as either right or wrong in whatever form -- we are controlling others' experience of it instead of being interested in their well-being."

"In light of the recent resignations of two North Carolina magistrates, explained by their religious convictions that same-sex marriage is a sin or desecrates the "holy institution established by God Himself," I would like to offer a few points of clarification to the overall discourse."

"As long as people continue to read the Bible (or the Qur'an), there will be a need to have this conversation."

"As I prepare to speak at a Reconciling conference in March, in Bellevue, WA, my thoughts go to and remain with the way people handle the bible in this conversation. This is, it seems to me, the most pressing issue in any of the conversations about how members of the Church can or should view sexuality and marriage. How are Christians to read the bible wisely in the 21st century?"

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