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This is a selection of my Huffington Post editorials on issues I care deeply about, including marriage in the Bible, and sex before marriage in the Bible.
For the full list, please consult this page.

Some of my thoughts on this conversation about handling unplanned pregnancies. In the article I list several questions that I think ought to be in the mix for a more complex view of "pro-life." 

I watched part of the "debate" between Ken Ham and Dr. Nye and sat there discouraged. Science and faith are not meant to be in a debate setting together. The only way to get someone who holds the Bible close is to help them see it differently or through new lenses. What the Bible is and is not is a helpful place to start.

North Carolina residents voted, in 2012, on an Amendment that effectively defined "marriage" as between a man and woman. I attended meetings seeking to understand why people would support this Amendment. What I heard was vaguely connected to biblical passages. I respect people's faith and convictions. But when the scriptures do not say what people claim that they do, then I want to help educate around what is more accurate! Take a look. This is also the topic of my latest book, out in 2023. Marriage in the Bible: What Do The Texts Say? I also have a video series for faith communities to work through the biblical content: "Marriage in the Bible: A Discussion Among Friends."

I wrote this piece the day after President Obama's second inauguration. While I celebrated his Presidency, I was also quite uncomfortable with how Christian-focused much of that ceremony was. What about you?

I watched, along with millions of others around the world, as a privileged white young man tried to claim that the rest of his life was more important than the rest of the life of the woman whom he sexually assaulted. White male privilege is constantly getting in the way of people being able to see the big picture for those less fortunate, for those being attacked, in this case.  

My attempt at a respectful acknowledgement of Kim Davis's beliefs, which impacted her choice not to give same-sex/gender couples marriage licenses, part of her job as Municipal Clerk in Rowan County, KY; and an invitation to reconsider how she reads the Bible. Marriage in the Bible is not what she thinks it is!

Many people today are influenced by what they think the Bible says on a given idea, including how sex before marriage is handled in the Bible. The Bible teaches people to have unhealthy ideas about sex and sexuality, including putting a crazy high value on virginity for women. Take a look.

Two North Carolina magistrates resigned, noting that their religious convictions teach them that same-sex marriage is a sin or desecrates the "holy institution established by God Himself." While I respect people's beliefs, I also want to help people better understand what the Bible "says" about marriage. Marriage in the Bible is not what you think!

There are many ideas or themes in the Bible that people of faith feel the need to uphold. Some of them are lovely - love, kindness, justice, empowering the disempowered. But there are some harmful ideas in the mix, as well, and sometimes people need to be prodded to take a step back and see how harmful they are, in spite of it "being Biblical."

The conversations today about marriage - whose unions are people going to officially, legally support - are intimately connected to how those two people are going to engage in sex! For anyone who wants to turn to the Bible for direction, this topic is a crucial one to think deeper about. 

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