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Part 3: That Which Remains

This section also has 3 videos.

There are subtle but powerful elements of biblical passages that still have an impact on how people think about marriage, today, even if those passages are not directly addressing the "marriage" relationship. 

You might be surprised by how important these additional passages are to the overall conversation. 

Makin' Babies Trailers

Makin' Babies Trailers

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Makin' Babies

Are women in the Bible held up primarily as "baby-makers"? Or are there other ideals that run throughout these sacred texts that are, perhaps, just not tapped into very much? If the latter, why do you suppose the tradition has overlooked them? You may think that you've heard it all on this subject, but I promise that there are new insights here to consider!

What are They Modeling?

There are many signals being sent to us, perhaps unconsciously, due to the way a "marriage" relationship is used or referred to, in both Testaments of the Christian Bible. This is your chance to sit and think about it, for a bit.