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There   For   You   Consulting

How much will this cost?
$50-250 / hour   (sliding scale)
Plus travel expenses, housing, & meals
How does that work?

You pay what you can afford. 


If money is not an issue for you, then how much is this service worth to you?

Travel expenses: gas money if within a four-hour drive; otherwise reimbursement for train or plane ticket.

Housing: we can discuss what works best in your situation, though I am open to staying in the guest room!

Meals: reimbursement for frugal meals in transit and whatever arrangements we make for the meals while I am there.

How many hours should you budget for? 

You should think in terms of having an hour-long+ consultation prior to the event, and then you decide how long you want me available prior to, during, and after the event. 

         Phone consult + time for the event

Travel time does not factor in.

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