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I am interested in creating spaces for people to get to steep in some new ideas. This is the difference between hearing lots of interesting new information and then giving yourself a chance to internalize some of those tidbits, let them transform something about the way that you think or believe. 

Permission Granted: 

A Fearless Re-Introduction to the Bible

I am currently creating a series of videos that, taken together, add up to two college introduction to the Bible courses! These videos will be available to purchase separately or, once completed, as a group. Introduction video to drop April 1, 2024.

Redefining God - coming soon

If you have a very "biblical" image of who God is you are not alone. But it can be much easier to move on to more productive ideas about the Divine if you work through it together, with others you already know or who are also seeking new vistas on this part of their lives. Will be run on a weekly basis through Zoom.

"Marriage in the Bible": Working through Texts Together - coming soon

This course started out as a weekend intensive ... and then I realized how that is just too much! Let's walk through the relevant texts slowly and thoughtfully together so that you can wrap your own thoughts and words around what to do with them all. This will be run weekly through Zoom. 

Before Reading Paul -- Read This! - coming soon

It is no secret that Paul's words, contained in all 13 letters attributed to him, rule the day for the Christian Church. His claims and assertions have shaped Christian thought and commentaries for nearly 2000 years. This course will prepare you to engage Paul's letters with confidence, knowing how to hold on to your own mind and convictions when you encounter his ancient perspectives about humanity and God. You do not have to agree with Paul. In fact, it is often in your best interest not to!  This course will be run weekly through Zoom.

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