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There   For   You   Consulting

Here are some things to give some thought to prior to our phone conversation. This can help us be more efficient with our time! 

  • What is it about this event that has you most concerned?

  • What kind of support would help you to be your best self at the event?

  • Why is attending this event essential for you, in spite of how difficult it will be?

  • Are there specific people you would like Dr Bird to be familiar with? (This is not gossiping, this is just bringing her up to speed on your specifics.) If you are comfortable doing so, being prepared to show a picture for visual familiarity can be quite helpful, as well.

  • Are there things that have been said or done that it might help to share with Dr Bird (again for context and history's sake, nothing more than that)?

  • Is it possible that someone might be upset to have Dr. Bird there, and if so, let's discuss how you want that issue to be handled.

  • What else might help Dr Bird have a sense of how to support  you?

  • What questions do you have for Dr Bird?

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