The best way to anticipate what I bring as a speaker or to have a grasp on how I teach about the Bible is to spend some time with these books.

Permission Granted is particularly helpful in preparation for or alongside of

the "Marriage in the Bible: A Discussion Among Friends" Video Series.


"This is one of the best, most freeing, most enlightening books on the Bible I have ever read." 

— Sydney Norris Pope

"Beautiful, wise and strong."

— Jennfer  Hancock Gattis, PhD

"I've been waiting for years for this type of book to be published."

— Rebecca ~ unsolicited review from

"This is not the only book of its kind, but, to my mind, it is the best of its kind. Unusual for a work of biblical scholarship, it has the potential to transform nonacademic lives."

— Stephen Moore, Drew University 


“Jennifer Bird is a God-wrestler who is willing to talk back to the Bible when it doesn’t make sense. Though some might be offended by her claims, I consider Bird’s book to be an excellent model for authentic discipleship and adult faith, written in very accessible, easy-flowing language.”

— Morgan Guyton,

    Blogger at